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  Koronos, the village of the emery miners, is untouched by tourism. Its inhabitants are very hospitable towards visitors and the village tavernas are noted for the excellent quality of traditional food. Cars are best left near the main road near the bus stop. Continue on foot into the village, turn left down the first set of steps, pass the school and the church and then follow the streets with grey paving stones.
There is a local Folklore museum which can be visited, and soon afterwards there is a small square with several tavernas.
  Just before Koronos a winding asphalt road leads down the the village of Lionas. A short distance along the road there is an emery mine which has been converted into a museum and can be visited.

Lionas was once an emery port before Moutsouna became the main port when the cable railway transport system was constructed.
It is now a sleepy little village with some holiday homes and a pebble beach. During the season there are three tavernas open.
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