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Halki, in the center of the Tragea, a region with ancient olive groves, is a surprising village in some aspects. When passing through the main street you will notice the large Byzantine church of Panagia Protothronos and the fortified Venetian mansion.

The church is well worth a visit, the oldest parts of it date back to the 9th century, but the key is not always easy to find. The church has extensive frescoes, some are from the 9th and 11th centuries.
Visitors are accepted during church services provided they are dressed respectfully.
But, if you continue on through the main street you will soon leave the village behind, having missed some of the best parts of the village. At the very beginning of Halki, to the left, is a small square with a shaded taverna.
  There, the small streets with the beautiful neoclassical houses bear witness to the period when Halki was a flourishing commercial and administrative center.
Just past the square is the Vallindras distillery, which makes the traditional Kitron liqueur of Naxos and is open to visitors.

Opposite the distillery is the beautiful stoneware ceramics shop, L'Olivier, which is rapidly developing an international reputation.

Behind Halki is a wonderful area for walking. Ancient footpaths lead through the olive groves to some of the small Byzantine churches in the area.

  A footpath is signposted to the 11th century Byzantine church of St. George Diasoritis, which is a short distance behind Halki.
The church has extensive and beautiful frescoes from the 11th and 12th centuries, and is open to visitors till 2 pm. except Mondays.

It was one of the important churches in the area during the Middle Byzantine period. There are indications that Halki was then an important administrative center for the interior of the island during Byzantine times.
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