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Filoti, the largest village on the island, lies stepwise on the lower slopes of Mount Zas, the highest mountain of the Cycladic islands.
The main village street has tavernas and cafés, some of which are shaded by the giant plane tree which has seen countless generations come and go.

The main church in Filoti has a beautiful carved marble screen and bell tower.
Due to its size, Filoti is quite a lively village in the evenings.
Before the end of the village a road branches right which leads to the tower of Cheimarros, from which a rough dirt road continues to the most Southern beach of Kalandos.
Past the village another road to the right leads to a cool shaded area with a drinking fountain from which a footpath starts to the cave of Zas, and the steep ascent to the mountain.
Further along the main road an asphalt road turns right in the direction of the village of Danakos and continues to the small church of Agia Marina.
Beside the little church is a footpath begins which offers a less steep ascent to the mountain then the one from the cave side.
Opposite Agia Marina is a track which leads to the fortified monastery of Fotodotis, about 20 minutes walking distance from the main road.
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