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 Villages Apeirathos

Apeiranthos is one of the most beautiful villages on the island.
It is often called 'the marble village' because of its marble pavements and the use of marble in the buildings.
It is built on the slopes of Mount Fanari and overlooks a fertile and well cultivated valley.
The inhabitants of Apeiranthos are Cretan in origin and are known for having produced notable scholars and politicians. They are also noted for their spontaneous use of poetry, producing verses and music about every aspect of their lives.

There are four museums in the village, a geological, a folklore, a natural history and an archeological museum. They all close at 2pm and on Mondays.

  The archeological museum is in the center of the village and has some early Cycladic pottery of the 3d millennium BC, which was mostly found on the eastern side of the island. The museum also has some ancient and rare marble carvings depicting dancers and scenes of hunting, animals and ships.
It is a wonderful village to explore and perhaps to have a meal in one of the excellent village tavernas.

The village has two Venetian mansions, now belonging to Greek families.

Traditional weaving is on sale at a women's cooperative in the village.

From Apeiranthos a footpath leads to the 9th century church of Agia Kiriaki which has frescoes of birds and fish from the Iconoclastic period. There is also a footpath to the fortified monastery of Fotodotis.
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