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Naxos Town

The Grotta area in the North part of Naxos town has an archeological site of ancient Cycladic and Mycenaean settlements of the 3d and 2nd millennium BC which is open to the public. The museum is opposite the large Orthodox cathedral and is open till 2 pm every day except Mondays and is free of charge.
The ancient Mycenaean town of Naxos was in its time one of the most important settlements in the Aegean.


The old part of the town, the Kastro, is Venetian in origin and dates back to the 13th century. It is a walled city in the shape of a pentagon. Only one of the twelve towers survives, the Crispi, or Glezos tower as it is known today. Enter the Kastro and you enter into a different world. The Kastro is a perfectly preserved medieval town. It has cool and narrow little streets and the old houses still display their family crests. Near the tower is the Venetian museum, the family home of the Della Rocca- Barozzi family which is open to the public.

The Venetian museum offers guided tours in the day time, and regular open air sunset concerts in the evenings.
Every Wednesday and Sunday evening there is traditional Naxos music with local musicians and dancers in traditional Naxos costumes.
There are also classical concerts with international musicians on a regular basis.
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