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L'Olivier at Halki
  The ceramic workshop of L'Olivier was established in Halki in 2000 and is rapidly gaining an international reputation.
Katharina Bolesch and her partner Alexander produce stonework ceramics of outstanding quality and uniqueness, which is already beginning to be sought after by collectors. The main theme of L'Olivier is that of olives and fish.

After being thrown, each piece is decorated and painted by hand and subsequently fired twice at very high temperatures, producing beautiful stoneware ceramics of a very strong and durable quality.
Katharina trained for 3 years at Siegburg in Germany, where pottery has been produced since the middle ages, especially the famous stoneware of the 14th century.
Alex spent many years observing fish when scuba diving. He now uses his creative talents to continue his observations of fish in a unique way. Apart from his wonderful fish designs, he creates beautiful translucent marble lamps and jewelry on the same theme.
Their work has been exhibited 2002 in the gallery Villa Rolandseck near Bonn and has been sold in the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens.
During the Olympic Games in 2004 a piece of Katharina Bolesch's work will be exhibited at the Academy of Athens in the Hellenic Folklore Research Center.

L'Olivier also has an extensive collection of olive products.
First rate cold pressed organic olive oil, and beautiful bowls, chess sets and boxes of properly seasoned olive wood, as well as olive oil soap and handmade candles .

All photographs are used with the permission of Fish and Olive Creations at Halki Naxos

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