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Landmarks of Naxos

At Apano Kastro, the strategic hill between the Potamia valley and the Tragea, several different periods of history meet. A large menhir guards the entrance to a prehistoric graveyard, there are remains of fortifications from the Classical period and some small Byzantine churches. The upper part is occupied by the remains of the Upper Castle built by the Venetians. There are sweeping views across large parts of the island. Apano Kastro can be reached on foot via the village of Tsikkalario and from Ano Potamia.
The partially restored temple of Demeter, built during the 6th century BC, stands on a small hill in the fertile valley of Sangri.
The original temple was built almost entirely out of marble, including the roof beams and tiles.
In the fertile Livadi plain 3 km below Naxos town are the remains of the temple of Iria, the earliest parts of which probably date back to the 8th century BC.
Four temples were built in succession on the same location. After excavations most of the area was covered, but there is a museum.
  Several large marble statues can be found on Naxos, abandoned in their original location in former marble quarries, probably because cracks in the marble developed. During the period when marble sculpture was at its height, around the 7th and 6th centuries BC, many of these statues were exported to other islands. The workmanship of the Naxian marble craftsmen was famous in the ancient world.
One kouros (statue of a young god or hero) is found near Apollonas, and two more in the Flerio area near Melanes.
  Naxos has hundreds of small churches and chapels from the Byzantine period. Most are located in the area around Sangri, in the central area of the Tragea and the valleys near Moni and Apeirathos.

Many of these churches still have ancient and precious frescoes, some of which have been restored. Some of the churches are locked and inquiries for the key have to be made locally.
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