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The fortified monastery of Fotodotis stands in virtually solitary splendour at a strategic point on the Eastern side of the island, with beautiful views across the surrounding country side, the deep blue of the Aegean and to some of the smaller Cycladic islands.
Apart from a single small farm, there is no other human habitation in the immediate vicinity.
In the spring the wild oregano leaves its fragrance on the wind, and apart from the sound of birds and perhaps some goat bells there is a complete sense of peace and solitude.
The monastery is no longer inhabited. The door to the church is open and there is an electricity supply. Parts of the church floor contain remnants of pillar bases. It may be possible that part of the floor survives from a previous temple in the same location.

From the monastery a footpath leads down to the small village of Danakos, which has a fresh water spring. The village also has two excellent traditional tavernas.

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